Sky Pilates offers Pre and Post Natal Pilates in a relaxed and intimate environment with personal attention and qualified instructors.

Choose from private, semi-private (2 to 3) and small group classes (4 to 6) to fit your lifestyle and budget. Call or email for more information.

– Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign-in and change.

– Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely without being overly baggy. Shoes are not required.

If You’re Expecting …

prenatalPilates is the perfect workout for mothers-to-be. Pilates strengthens your lower abdominal region to support the growing baby and thereby alleviates lower back pain; tones the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for delivery and aids in recovery; develops an awareness of deep breathing to assist movement, and maintains muscle tone in your arms and legs to prepare for the workout you’ll get looking after your little one.

Pilates is based on controlled motion and coordination, thus there is little risk of jerky movement and overstretching the ligaments and joints. Because much of the work centers on strengthening core control muscles, attention is focused on directing blood flow and oxygen to the abdominal region; nourishing for both mother and baby.

The small group class presents a blend of both mat work and Tower exercises, with modifications for each trimester to enable participants to achieve optimum shape for the much-awaited arrival of their baby. There is no pre-requisite, save for your doctor’s approval with starting an exercise regimen.

After the Event …

postnatalOnce you’ve given birth and are well on your way to recovery, Pilates can help get your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape and fitness level – and even improve on it. After the changes pregnancy brings to your body and posture, the low-impact resistance work and stretching strengthens your weakened muscles and gently coaxes your posture back into optimal alignment.

Post-natal classes will focus on strengthening your pelvic floor as well as your core abdominal and back muscles to help bring your tummy back into shape, improve your posture, and deal with common issues such as incontinence, back pain, and separated abdominals. Arm and leg resistance work will strengthen you for all the lifting and carrying of your little one you’ll be doing as a new mother.

New mothers can generally start a post-natal exercise program about 6 weeks after birth. And once you’re back to your old self, your instructor will let you know when you can return to a regular program.

Please Remember:

Get your doctor’s approval before starting any exercise program, whether you’re pre- or post-natal. Pilates is a low-impact exercise. However, those with high-risk pregnancies (underweight, carrying multiple babies, previous miscarriage, etc.), or those who did not exercise regularly prior to conception should not participate.