Sky Pilates was founded by three experienced Pilates enthusiasts and friends who shared a common dream of building a little haven to spread the joy of Pilates. Started in 2005, the studio has since grown to include a full team of highly-qualified instructors and a comprehensive selection of classes to cater to a wide range of clients with different needs. Today, Geraldine, Seok and Teresa still remain committed to their vision of quality, individualised attention for clients. They continue teaching classes personally and selecting only the best instructors to join the Sky Pilates team.

Teresa Woo - Director | InstructorDirector | Instructor

Teresa Woo

Pilates | TRX® | Gyrotonic®

Geraldine Nonis - Founding InstructorFounding Instructor

Geraldine Nonis

Pilates | Gyrotonic® |Gyrokinesis®| Mentor, Educator & Examiner for Polestar Pilates

Cheong Seok Wah - Founding InstructorFounding Instructor

Cheong Seok Wah

Pilates | Gyrotonic® | CoreAlign® | Mentor & Educator for Polestar Pilates

Jessie Ong - InstructorInstructor

Jessie Ong

Pilates | Gyrotonic® | CoreAlign® | Mentor & Educator for Polestar Pilates | Oov®

Charis Koh - InstructorInstructor

Charis Koh

Pilates | Gyrotonic® | Core Align®

Sherwin Baclig - InstructorInstructor

Sherwin Baclig

Pilates | CoreAlign® | Mentor for Polestar Pilates

Choong Li Sann - Physiotherapist | InstructorPhysiotherapist | Instructor

Choong Li Sann

Physiotherapist | Pilates | Gyrotonic® |Mentor for Polestar Pilates |Core-Align®

Chan Wee Guan - InstructorInstructor

Chan Wee Guan

Pilates | Yamuna Body Rolling | Oov | Anatomy Trains & Slings Myofascial | EBFA BarefootBurrell | TRX | Burrell Women's Health

Chua Wan Ying - InstructorInstructor
Charlotte Marn - InstructorInstructor
Holly Chen - InstructorInstructor

Holly Chen

Pilates | TRX®

Cassandra Mak - Certified Rolfer®Certified Rolfer®

Cassandra Mak

Certified Rolfer®

Joanna Chak - Instructor | Xtend Barre®️Instructor | Xtend Barre®️
    Amelia Stanley - PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapist
      Melissa Foo - InstructorInstructor
        Tan Pei Jue - InstructorInstructor
          Emily Preston - InstructorInstructor
            Leticia Roxo - InstructorInstructor