Introducing New Instructors at Sky Pilates

Sky Pilates warmly welcomes Pei Jue, Wan Ying and Melissa, our new instructors to the Sky Family.

To kick-start Pilates for new clients, our instructors are pleased to offer a limited time offer of the Starter’s package of 6 private classes for the price of 5 at only S$600.00.

If you have friends who are interested to start Pilates, please share the news with them.

Pei Jue Tan

PJ first attended Pilates classes as an alternative to running. She was awed by the controlled yet fluid movement of the instructor. She then realised how important it is to have efficient movement strategies and good body alignment, after her father had to stop swimming due to body pains and aches despite being an avid swimmer his whole life. She took up Polestar Pilates certification in hopes of helping her father return to his favourite activity one day.

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit,” said Joesph Pilates. Practicing Pilates has helped PJ develop her sense of self awareness and mind-body connection, leading to improvements in physique and also other areas of life outside the studio. She continues to hone her knowledge on Pilates and learn other forms of movement so that she may help others realise positive changes, pain free movement and avoid injuries.



Wan Ying Chua

Wan Ying first came across pilates in October 2010 when her chiropractor suggested that attending pilates classes might help to hold adjustments better by strengthening the body’s core muscles. After attending her first mat class, she was hooked. She was able to take her mind off work and only focus on her own body during the 1 hour class. As an avid sports person, it also improved her badminton game (being a competitive player since young) and increased her strength and agility during weekly rock climbing sessions.

Wan Ying continued her pilates classes during her pregnancy and after her first child was born, decided to take up the Polestar Pilates Studio instructor course. Seeing how pilates also helped her post-natal body recover, further reaffirmed her keen interest spreading the benefits that the pilates movement can bring to improving the quality of everyday life for clients.




Melissa Foo

Melissa started on her Pilates journey more than 10 years ago, and even attended pre-natal classes right here at Sky Pilates, in preparation for the birth of her second child. While living in America, she started doing weekly private lessons, and started reaping benefits: improved posture, body awareness and self confidence. Using these benefits as a springboard, she started delving into others sports that she never had the confidence to, before Pilates: skiing, trapeze, aerial silks and barre.

Joseph Pilates himself said it best, “Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”
On her return to Singapore, Melissa decided to pursue her qualification in Polestar Pilates, to deepen her knowledge in intelligent movement. She’s committed to her continued education in Pilates and movement, to help clients be the best version of themselves.


Limited time offer only!
Enjoy 6 Private Pilates sessions with a new Instructor
for the price of 5 at S$600.

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With Pilates personal training, you can:
• Overcome injury and increase flexibility
• Relieve pain and improve well-being
• Feel stronger and leaner
• Increase flexibility and agility
• Improve tone, shape and posture

New Teacher Promo Terms & Conditions apply.
• Offer period is from 1 Sept 2017 to 30 Nov 17.
• Applicable only to new clients and limited to one package per new client.
• Not applicable for subsequent renewal of packages.
• Expiry dates on packages are applied strictly, with no further extension allowed.
• No refunds will be made, whether in whole or in part for any unused portion of a package.
• Other terms and conditions apply.