Wee Guan started practicing Pilates more than a decade ago to cope with the demands of living the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle with mild scoliosis in her spine. Holding down a career with long hours on mobile devices and hectic global travel resulted in chronic body aches. She found movement, and specifically Pilates, to be effective in helping her sustain a pain-free lifestyle.

She obtained her primary comprehensive Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates International and continues to be intrigued by the intrinsics of mind-body movement. She regularly seeks out workshops and courses to understand the workings of neuromuscular connections vs. myofascial slings, and enjoys curating the best modalities of each movement method, integrating, problem-solving and sharing her learnings to empower individuals to employ movement methods to be pain-free and live enjoyable lives.

* Certified Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates (USA)

* Certified Practitioner, Yamuna Body Rolling (USA)

* Certified Practitioner, EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist 1, BARE Workout with Naboso, RunInjuryFree! with Naboso & Powerplate (USA)

* Certified Practitioner, TRX – Suspension Training (USA)

* Completed Oov Level 3 & Oov Apparatus (Australia)

* Completed Slings Myofascial Foundation Training – Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function, Anatomy Trains in Motion, Slings in Motion 1 (Switzerland)

* Completed Burrell Education – Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations, Women’s Wellness & Whole Body Vibrations with Powerplate (UK)