Keat studied Psychology initially but found himself interested in the arts, so he subsequently took a Diploma in Acting. Following some movement classes and an advice from a ballet teacher, he took up Yoga and Pilates as a way to strengthen his body. Keat began his journey with Polestar Pilates™ in 2007 and is now a certified instructor in Studio, Allegro, and Mat.  He is also trained in Gyrokinesis® and the Gyrotonic® Expansion System.

He is very interested in human movement and psychology and hopes to further his study in these areas in the future. When he is not in studio, he can be found sometimes on stage getting annoyed by actors as a director, or annoying directors as an actor!

Keat believes in the fundamentals of Pilates in a Reformer 1-2 class to provide safe and effective movement patterns. Once this is achieved he likes to challenge his clients and give them a good workout in a more athletic environment like a TRX® class. And finally a Gyrokinesis® class will sure to give the necessary stretch leaving you feeling refreshed and energized!

By exercising regularly, he hopes that his clients will follow Joseph Pilates’ advice “the first requisite of happiness is physical happiness” and in doing so achieving mental and physical happiness.