Karrie attended “London Studio Centre”, the England equivalent of New York Performing Arts college, where she majored in dance. During her training, she had a back injury which left her unable to dance and unsure as to whether she would ever be able to dance again. She spent over six months having physiotherapy treatments, and upon her Physiotherapist and Ballet teachers’ recommendation, began to study Pilates to strengthen her muscles.

She studied two hours daily at the “Body Control Studio” in London, which altered her body shape and tone completely, as well as assisting with her recovery. When she returned to dance training she found that she was far stronger than she had ever been, which was due to the constant Pilates work that had helped reshape her muscles, and gave her more knowledge about her body.

After leaving college, she continued to work professionally as a dancer and Pilates teacher. She teaches Pilates with a true passion as she has experienced the benefits that it can achieve to ones body and well-being.

She has continued with her Pilates education by attending seminars and workshops held in UK, Singapore and within Asia. She is a certified Polestar Pilates™ method Studio, Allegro and Matwork Instructor . She has continued her education and is now trained to instruct not only Gyrotonic®, but also TRX® and Xtend Barre™.

She is also a qualified Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer under FISAF, and runs her own Dance school.