Joanna’s spontaneous love of movement drew her towards the modes of art, dance, and gymnastics, enjoying the freedom of tumbling through the air and moving through space. After a stint as an artist, spending hours sitting at an easel or held in one position making sculptures, her childhood scoliosis worsened and she sought different treatments. From physiotherapists and chiropractors, the relief was temporary. Finding a regular practice in Aerial Yoga, Pilates, and Xtend Barre™ helped her pain enormously. The traction and release of tension from Aerial yoga, the uptempo workout of Xtend Barre®️ and the precision of Pilates were able to pinpoint exactly which muscles to activate, bringing balance to her body. The scientific basis of research for Pilates inspired her to take it up as a career, to better help people ease discomfort and find freedom in any field of movement.

Joanna believes in empowering her students with self-awareness. She advocates listening to your body, and knowing what feels good for you. For her, enjoying the process of developing mind-body awareness and learning to how move freely in life is more important than any set end goal. Joanna’s barre workout classes combine a zest for fun with empathy for imbalances, focusing on rejuvenation and relaxation.