Having heard the wonderful benefits of Pilates from many friends and teachers of how Pilates could improve ballet technique and alignment, Jaime was curious to find out how Pilates could help in ballet, her passion since she was 5. Her initial intention was to learn Pilates to improve her student’s posture and alignment issues when she discovered that she herself was challenged on a personal level!  She was amazed at how much Pilates helped to improve body awareness and understand how the muscles work, which was essential to dance more efficiently with lesser injuries. She also found that her posture improved and had lesser knee and lower back aches and pains.

Impressed by the benefits of Pilates, Jaime chose to deepen her understanding in Pilates and is currently a certified Polestar Pilates™ method Studio Teacher. She found that the use of the Pilates equipment was useful in assisting in movements that were weak and challenged movements that needed stability and strength. Her ballet students benefitted greatly from the knowledge of Pilates in terms of dancing in the correct alignment and understanding how the body works. She believes that Pilates is not only useful for dancers but essential for anyone who wants to improve the quality of movement.