charlotteCharlotte Marn is a dance instructor, choreographer and performer. She chanced upon Pilates through her Ballet mentor, Geraldine Nonis who recommended her to take up Pilates as a long term measure to help rehabilitate her then knee and back injuries from prolonged dancing.
Since then, Pilates has changed her posture and alignment of body and reduce her injuries significantly. She has also found more awareness and understanding of her body, building core strength and stability while focusing on alignment and length which also helped enhanced her dancing.

Working with children from as young as 2.5 years to working adults , Charlotte realizes that many of them come into classes with muscle imbalances due to poor postural habits and movements in their daily activities. Charlotte’s goal is to incorporate the Pilates method as a form of cross-training to help people to improve their posture, alignment of the body, balance, strength and flexibility.
Charlotte hope to use Pilates as a tool to allow the body, to re-balance, release and re-connect,making efficient movement in everyday life.

She is currently Polestar Pilates studio certified; has a Diploma in Dance NAFA, CSTD Modern Jazz Teaching Certificate, and is a MOE Registered Instructor, offering Co-Curricular & Enrichment Activities to Schools