Wee Guan found movement, and specifically Pilates, to be effective in helping her be pain-free, after a corporate career in consumer research and brand planning with long hours on mobile devices and hectic global travel resulted in chronic backaches. In her quest for pain alleviation to cope with the demands of living the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle, Wee Guan started practicing Pilates more than 10 years ago.

A 5-year sabbatical living in San Francisco made her realize that even with a slower pace of life, the only way to sustain a healthy lifestyle as one ages, is body awareness and regular movement. Wee Guan then embarked on studying the work of Joseph Pilates, and obtained her primary Pilates studio practitioner certification through Polestar Pilates International.

Wee Guan continues to be intrigued by how mind-body awareness and good, regular movement helps counter the effects of an increasingly modern sedentary lifestyle.  She regularly participates in mind-body workshops and courses to deepen her understanding and enjoys curating the best modalities of each movement method and integrating and sharing her learnings to help others work towards being pain-free and moving well.

• Certified in Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA
• Certified Practitioner, Yamuna Body Rolling, USA
• Oov Level 1 trained