Sky Pilates was founded by three experienced Pilates enthusiasts and friends who shared a common dream of building a little haven to spread the joy of Pilates. Started in 2005, the studio has since grown to include a full team of highly-qualified instructors and a comprehensive selection of classes to cater to a wide range of clients with different needs. Today, Geraldine, Seok and Teresa still remain committed to their vision of quality, individualised attention for clients. They continue teaching classes personally and selecting only the best instructors to join the Sky Pilates team.


A sports enthusiast, Teresa has always led an active lifestyle which resulted in chronic neck and shoulder injuries years ago. The former venture capitalist finally found relief from the pain after picking up Pilates. The results spurred her to embark on her own journey to become a Pilates instructor. Today Teresa is a certified Pilates, TRX and GYROTONIC® instructor. A mother herself, she particularly enjoys helping other new mums and mums-to-be in pre- and post-natal Pilates classes.


A dancer by training, Geraldine had an illustrious career as a professional dancer with Singapore Broadcasting Corporation and later as a dance lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where she taught classical ballet and jazz. She began teaching Pilates in 1995 and is also a pioneer of the GYROTONIC® Expansion System in Singapore. She has been a certified instructor with Polestar Education since 2002 and attained her Pilates Method Alliance certification in 2007. She is currently an educator and examiner with Polestar Pilates Asia where she trains and assesses budding instructors across Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


A fellow ballet dancer, Seok danced recreationally 20 years. She was first introduced to Pilates as part of her preparation for a ballet role in Sleeping Beauty in 1995. The former lawyer found her calling in the Pilates movement and eventually retired from the legal profession. Since then, she has moved on to become a Pilates and GYROTONIC® instructor. She has been a certified educator with Polestar Education, a rehabilitation-based Pilates provider since 2002. In her free time, she delves into other somatic movement and energy work to help enrich her teaching experience.


A former ballet teacher, Jaime first began learning Pilates as a way to help her students improve their poster and alignment in class. Unexpectedly, she found her new knowledge to be a tremendous help for her knee and lower back pain brought on by years of dancing. She discovered a deeper awareness of her body and found herself sustaining fewer injuries from dancing. Eager to pass on her newfound passion for Pilates, Jaime eventually became a full-fledge instructor herself. She is currently a certified Polestar Pilates studio teacher.


As someone who used to suffer from very extreme pain from a slipped disc, Jan can testify that Pilates is one of the most effective rehabilitation and core strengthening methods.  After witnessing the remarkable effect Pilates had on his posture and mobility, Jan’s interest in Pilates was piqued and he vowed to study this method further.  He went on to train under Polestar Pilates and attained his Matwork certification in 2012. He is currently undergoing mentorship towards his Studio Certification. Jan is also a Corporate Trainer in customer service. When he’s not at work, he can be seen teaching and practising Pilates, and working out in the gym. His wish is to help his clients look and feel better from inside out.


A desk-bound career as an architect led to chronic backaches for Jessie, who first dipped a toe in Pilates in 2004 in an attempt to ease her pain. Blown away by the results, she embarked on the journey to begin teaching Pilates to others. Jessie has since attained a Comprehensive Studio and Mat certification and is currently a Polestar Pilates mentor-in-training. She is currently undergoing further training in the GYROTONIC® Expansion System to expand her knowledge in the field.


A former dancer, Karrie first sustained a bad back injury when she was training at the London Studio Centre for her degree in dance. Her physiotherapist recommended Pilates as a way to heal and regain her strength. To her surprise, Karrie found herself even stronger than before her injury with the help of Pilates. Since leaving college, Karrie has worked both as a dancer and Pilates instructor. She is now a certified Polestar Pilates studio, allegro and matwork instructor as well as an instructor for GYROTONIC®, TRX® and Xtend Barre®.


Lotta is originally from Sweden. She has a BSc in Physiotherapy and over 18 years of teaching experience within the fitness industry. Over the years, she has worked as a physiotherapist, taught personal training and all kinds of group exercise, ranging from Yoga to Zumba®! Lotta was schooled in dancing and gymnastics, and has always been fascinated by movement and body control. She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels, from rehab clients to top athletes. She believes in a mindful practice, with a lot of attention to detail. After a good Pilates session you should feel strong, energized, confident and 2 cm taller!


Born in France, Morgane began dancing jazz and modern dance at age 10. As a dancer, she was familiar with various movement and body-consciousness techniques which eventually led her to try Pilates. Her curiousity piqued, she became a certified GYROTONIC® instructor in 2008 and completed her training to be a Pilates instructor in 2012. Having suffered from various injuries from her years as a dancer, Morgan understands the importance of a well-structured recovery programme. She develops customised Pilates-based physiotherapy sessions for clients based on their physical and mental needs.


A physiotherapist by training, Sherwin has worked with clients both in clinical settings and in the fitness industry. He later expanded his practice to focus on sports conditioning as well post-rehabilitation programmes which led him to venture into Pilates. He is now certified in Polestar Pilates for rehabilitation and is a strong believer in harnessing the benefits of Pilates in the field of physiotherapy.


Valarie graduated from the Curtin University of Technology with a major in Physiotherapy and has been practicing in both hospital and private settings since 2001. She discovered Pilates as an effective compliment to physiotherapy exercises for clients undergoing rehabilitation. She currently specialises in musculoskeletal and neurology physiotherapy with a focus on neck and back injuries as well as neurological deficits such as stroke or head injuries. She is a Polestar Pilates certified instructor in rehabilitation.