How do I get started in Pilates?

How to get started with classes?

We have a Foundation four-class series which introduces the key principles of Pilates on the reformer and is a prerequisite for all group classes.

Alternatively, you may start with our Jumpstart package which includes three 1-on-1 Private classes for a personalized introduction to Pilates and six Level 1 Group classes.  This Jump Start program is offered one-time only to first time clients.

If you have an injury, are short of time, or prefer personalized training, we have the Starter’s package which includes five private one-on-one sessions, which may be a more effective way for you to reach your goals.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose fitting. The instructor will need to see your body to check your alignment and form.  For hygiene concerns, socks are required. We sell Pilates socks which have rubber treads on the sole for traction.  Regular socks will not give you sufficient grip for safety.

Should I come early to class?

For your first class, please come 15 minutes early to fill out forms, change and relax.  We have a lounge with herbal teas, comfy sofas and a library of the latest health magazines for your reading pleasure.  Some of our clients stay after class to relax and read magazines and enjoy our tranquil setting.  You are always welcome to drop by even if you’re not taking a class.

Can I learn Pilates from a DVD or a book?

While you can learn the choreography of the exercises from a DVD or a book, it is unlikely that you will be performing them correctly. A certified teacher is necessary help guide and correct you while you do the exercises – only correct form and technique produces results.

How often should I do Pilates?

Two to three times a week is ultimately the best frequency.  Like any form of exercise, consistency is key, and it best to not let too much time pass in order to remember the previous lesson and incorporate the information in your body. You will be happy at how you look and feel after just a few weeks. It is also great to combine private sessions groups classes during the course of a week.

Will I get bulky muscles doing Pilates?

No, you will not get bulky doing Pilates. In fact, if you are already overly bulky in certain muscle groups it is likely that they will get leaner as you do Pilates. Pilates develops long lean balanced muscles.

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