2018 GYROTONIC® Training Program By Authorised Master Trainer Dawnna Wayburne

Sky Pilates is proud to present the GYROTONIC® Level 1 Training Program in the first quarter of 2018.

In this program students learn to design, and teach a progressive sequence of GYROTONIC® Level 1 exercise classes on the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Combination Unit. The 188 hour program is composed of 4 sequential courses. Students typically begin teaching the GYROTONIC® Method in the role of apprentice within 3 months after beginning the program. It takes approximately 1 year to complete the full program and to become a fully qualified GYROTONIC®Trainer.

GYROTONIC® Trainers are eligible to register for GYROTONIC® specialized courses and GYROTONIC® specialized equipment courses.

GYROTONIC® Trainers attend at least one continuing education course every two years in order to expand their skill set and maintain their certification and trademark license.


  • 188 hour program (4 sequential courses)
  • 3 months to become a GYROTONIC® Apprentice Trainer
  • 1 year to become a Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer

About Dawnna Wayburne

Since 1973, Dawnna has trained intensively in the Pilates field and has, over the years, worked with master teachers of universal repute some of whom worked with Joseph Pilates himself. Dawnna was the first to set up a combined GYROTONIC® and Pilates exercise studio in Asia and the successor her programme can be directly related to her ability to develop and maintain high instructor standards and the fact that she has been able to bring together such a variety of training techniques to create a unique exercise environment from which clients and students alike benefit.

Dawnna is the Education Director of Polestar Pilates Asia Inc., the Asian Licensee and a Principal Educator for the Polestar Pilates® Education LLC, based in Miami Florida. She spends a considerable part of her time conducting in-house and external instructor training programmes in Hong Kong and other cities in Asia.

In the field of GYROTONIC® methodology, Dawnna has trained under the personal tutelage of Juliu Horvath, founder of GYROTONIC® exercises method in his White Cloud studio in New York as well as in other locations in Europe. She attained Masters Level 1 status in July 2000 and Level 2 in 2002.

In 2005, Dawnna became one of only a handful of Authorised Master Trainers worldwide and, as well as being a GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer,a certified Master Trainer of all GYROTONIC® Specialised Equipment, is permitted by Juliu Horvath to assist in the certification of future Master Trainers as well as in the certification of Level One Students. In2010, Dawnna was given the special status of teaching the GYROTONIC® Level 2 Series.

A true movement and training specialist, Dawnna attends seminars and courses in the fields of Pilates, GYROTONIC® and other mind-body exercise methods on a regular basis all over the world.


For more information, contact us @98336670 or email us at info@skypilates.com.

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